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"The Ranchero" 1961 Ranchero

What do you do with an unsavable '61 Ranchero? Put it on a stretched C4 Corvette frame of course!

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Papa's 1929 Model AA

1929 Model AA stake bed that belonged to my grandfather- Mild upgrades to get her up and running!

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"The Goon" 1961 Falcon Sedan

Why finish one of my other projects when I can put too much money into a parts car? What could go wrong?

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Dad's 1955 Chevy

Dad has owned this car longer than I have been alive! Lets see if we can finally get it back on the road!

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"Bitchin" 1981 Camaro

Gidget's 1981 camaro soon to have upgrades to almost everything from Drivetrain to interior and more!

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1929 Coupe

A pretty solid Coupe body for a good deal- Some assembly required! Will I build a coupe or a Roadster?

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